Housing Our People Everywhere


The goal for our global housing project is to provide affordable and environmentally friendly housing to the homeless in need of a place to call home. We believe that the only time anyone should be sleeping outside is when they are camping.


Thank You for your Support


H.O.P.E.'s Vision is to promote peace on Earth, beginning with peace of mind. So many people, both young and old struggle with the ability to maintain safe and affordable housing today, in a world where the cost of living has skyrocketed past the modern living wages. By creating opportunities through innovation, optimism and positive actions we aim to end global homelessness and poverty; increase entrepreneurial economic opportunities, and provide a platform for unemployed and underprivileged people to grow, learn and prosper, all while saving our planet through the use of our unique green technology. By using recycled materials and innovative technology, we have created a formula that will allow us to turn waste steel from natural disasters into homes for the homeless. Many of these homeless individuals are our at risk youth who are transitioning out of the award of the court systems; our prisoners being paroled from the Department of Corrections, and our U.S. Military Veterans who have put their lives on the line to defend America's freedoms.

In addition to providing homes for the homeless and underprivileged communities of our world globally, we intend to enhance the self-worth of these individuals through our H.O.P.E. Trades Training Program initiative. This will offer H.O.P.E.'s populations that we serve the opportunity to learn valuable skills, which they will be utilizing while they're building a home, that they'll have a chance to buy and call their own. Through their utilization of our H.O.P.E. Trades Training Program, they'll receive an education which will allow them to live an independent successful life, while doing their part to clean up the environment. So many people in this world today have become homeless and utterly desperate due to losing their home. Whether it's been from self-induced situations created by their inability to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of today's society, or they might have become displaced from their home at no fault of their own due to a natural disaster, H.O.P.E. and our network of nationally and internationally based partners are ready, willing and able to help you to pick up the pieces and rise from the ashes of your domestic devastation from fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes or tsunamis. We're here to offer HOPE to you!  


The Action

It all starts with recycling...

Our supply chain starts by working with recycling centers & collecting metals from natural disaster areas to be used to produce cold rolled steel. Two buildings were built in Illinois, for instance,w made from recycled car parts from cars flooded out during Hurricane Katrina.


From cold rolled steel to metal framing...

From a roll of steel to steel framing, we have a portable mac

From cold rolled steel to metal framing...

From a roll of steel to steel framing, we have a portable machine that makes this happen and it can happen real quick. In a matter of days our equipment can be moved to an area, set up, and begin producing the materials needed to build a home. 

From a frame to a home...

With our eco-friendly materials  manufacturing process and a simple, efficient construction process it's possible to build a home that is stronger, longer-lasting and more sustainable & environmentally friendly than traditional building methods.