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Housing Our People Everywhere

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H.O.P.E. Housing Our People Everywhere© is the God given vision offered to Mr. Chris Collins to eradicate homelessness and poverty from the face of the globe. We're a 501c3 non profit organization established in the State of Illinois, in the Central Illinois area of Bloomington/Normal. Our global initiative is being launched here in the Heart of America, in the Heart of the Midwest, in the Heart of illinois. Our initial therapeutic community that we intend to build and establish will be a permanent supportive housing effort for homeless veterans, not only from Illinois, but from across our great nation.

We're in the process of striving to acquire a former U.S. Air Force base that has been closed for about 2 decades now, and re-birth it into an alcohol/drug/violence free therapeutic community, where our veterans can reside while receiving the necessary supportive services from near by healthcare providers to assist them in the healing of their body, mind and spirits. With this transformation well underway, they'll also be given the opportunity to attend, successfully participate in and complete a new skilled trade through our (H.T.T.P. H.O.P.E. Trades Training Program), which will enable them to develop a new career where they'll be able to live a new independent successful lifestyle, and through that revolutionary transformation become the man/woman they're meant to be.

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1206 South Adelaide St. #7

Normal, Illinois  61761

Phone: 1-309-542-6319

Mr. Chris Collins - H.O.P.E. Founder/C.E.O:


Phone: 1-361-244-0964

Mr. Edward A. Moore - H.O.P.E. Public Relations Director



Phone: 1-940-206-8786

Mr. James Beaupre - H.O.P.E. Events Director



Phone: 1-309-531-7654

Mr. Jarek Millburg - H.O.P.E. Webmaster Director



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