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Housing Our People Everywhere

Project H.O.P.E. "Fort Freedom" Veterans Homeless Pilot Program

There's a property located outside of Hanna City, in Peoria County, Illinois that was originally established as the Hanna City Air Force Station as part of the Air Defense Command from 1951 until 1968. When it was decommissioned as an Air Force Base in the late 60's the United States government deeded the property to the State of Illinois, which in turn used it as an Illinois Department of Corrections, Hanna City Work Camp minimum security prison up into the first decade of the new millennium. The property was eventually deeded to Peoria County with stipulations that it be used for specific purposes. The State of Illinois House and Senate recently created and signed into effect HB4319, which would free up that property for public redevelopment. 

H.O.P.E. - Housing Our People Everywhere© has a vision to acquire that property, and with the assistance of the appropriate local, state and federal resources completely renovate the buildings and property into another installation that can have a profound impact on our U. S. Military Veterans lives. You see there are many veterans who are homeless across our nation that are in need of a safe place to call home. We want to transition that former location of the Hanna City Air Force Station and the Hanna City Work Camp into permanent supportive housing by creating a therapeutic community of tiny houses there. Our clients will have access to all of the local health care services needed to help them become emotionally, mentally and physically stable.

With their lives back on track again in a healthy lifestyle, while living in our alcohol, drug and violence free community, they will be able to focus on the development of their professional and social skills by being mentored through a new career opportunity in H.O.P.E.'s Trade Training Program. Our H.T.T.Program will give H.O.P.E.'s clients the opportunity to attend, participate in and also successfully complete a 2 year steel framer apprenticeship program or an alternative energy installation and maintenance program through our alternative energy alliance and partner Solar Ray. Once they're learning how to utilize their newly acquired skills they'll be able to use them to build tiny homes for other homeless veterans. Paying it forward to their brothers and sisters.

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