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Hey Everyone:

You've heard of the "Stuff A Bus" campaign, where local independent school districts from across the nation strive to get donations for underprivileged school children for their upcoming year school supplies?!. Well here at H.O.P.E. we're reaching out to the big recycling companies in America, such as Miller Compressing Company and the Alter Trading Company, to assist us in our efforts to raise seed funding to acquire the machines that we need, and the space we need to launch our operations here in the Heart of Illinois. We have a passion to end the homelessness and poverty dilemma in our world, one state, one country, one continent at a time, and clean up our environment, while saving our planet through our green construction technology. We're in the process of gearing up to announce our "Fill A Train" campaign. By acquiring the salvage steel from natural disasters from across our country we can use that waste steel and convert it into a beautiful cold rolled building material that is stronger and more resilient to build with than any modern material! Won't you please help us to accomplish our goals to establish our unique building system in the Heart of the Midwest, so that we can help turn our homeless veterans lives around and help them to successfully reintegrate back into civilian life as a highly skilled productive member of society?  


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